12 July 2011

I'm Back after nearly a year of blogging silence! Bam!

So, a lot has gone down since July of last year.  I knew it had been a while since I last blogged, but had no clue that it was 30 July 2010.  Anyway, I'm back at it and am going to post up the stuff that I love.
Let's start off with Justice's new single "Civilization."  It's rad...I love it.  Adidas were smart enough to make it the soundtrack to their "Adidas Is All In" campaign.  Look out for the lovely Katy Perry and the All Blacks.

30 July 2010

Text to Speech Awesomeness!


Go knock yourself silly playing with that.  I know I have!  I like the UK English voice "Lucy"...haha!

23 April 2010

Thunder: No Longer Just OKC weather

I'm not much of a basketball fan.  Not that I don't like basketball, I've just found the NBA in particular to have gone the way of soccer.  What do I mean by that statement?  I'm tired of the over-dramatization of bumps and slight contact.  You shouldn't be too surprised, as Rugby is my sport of choice.

Anyway, that's not the point.  I'm writting to brag about the NBA franchise of my hometown, Oklahoma City Thunder and their victory over the L.A. Lakers.  I couldn't be happier about my town beating one of the biggest names in Pro-Basketball (outside of Jackie Moon, obviously).

"From the broadest possible perspective, the Oklahoma City Thunder prevailed on Thursday because they were quicker, more resourceful and, above all, much hungrier than the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers" (http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2010/04/23/thunder-outwork-lakers-game-win/). 
"Kobe Bryant went left, couldn't find an opening, and pulled up for a 15-footer. Kevin Durant craned one of his Durantula arms, like some sort of action figure. Bryant was Blocked. Bryant could not go around Durant and could not shoot over Durant" (http://www.nba.com/2010/news/features/scott_howard_cooper/04/23/lal.okc.3/).
"Every fan entering the Oklahoma City Thunder's first home playoff game (in the series and in team history) against the reigning champion Lakers received a blue shirt saying, "Rise Together."  Sometimes this kind of promotion doesn't work and you will see a splattering of other colors. Surely if this were L.A there would be too many people concerned with their outfit to be bothered with a Fruit of the Loom size large promotional t-shirt.  Not on Thursday night. Not in Loud City. It was a sea of Thunder-Blue, which sounds like a pending Gatorade flavor. It isn't enough to look the part, however, and the home crowd made sure their support was heard loud and clear" (http://technorati.com/sports/article/thunder-crowd-puts-advantage-in-their/#ixzz0lzB7eeQL).
"The Thunder outrebounded the Lakers 53-39, scored 23 fast-break points and featured four players in double figures (Durant's 29, Westbrook's 27, James Harden's 18 and Jeff Green's 10)" (http://lakersblog.latimes.com/lakersblog/2010/04/lakers-deviates-from-game-plane-in-10196-game-3-loss-to-the-thunder-.html).

One thing for sure is that all the media praised the fans of Oklahoma City.  Was there ever a doubt?  "Loud City," I like that.

22 April 2010

The Northern Ireland Assemly Calls for St. Patrick's Day to be a National Holiday

In an effort that seems to be drawing cross-community support, the Northern Ireland Assembly is calling for Saint Patrick's Day to be made an official National Holiday.  "SDLP Assembly member Alban Maginness said St Patrick was Ireland's patron saint and it was fitting that he be recognised with a public holiday."
The motion was tabled by the Alliance Party's Kieran McCarthy, but is seemingly recieving support across the spectrum of political affiliation.  The Alliance Party is "working to build a society free of segregation, sectarianism and prejudice where everyone - Catholic or Protestant, black or white, local or immigrant, rich or poor, young or old - can live their life the way they want, free from fear." 

27 March 2010

Tommy Bowe: 6 Nations Player of the Championship

Ireland may have come in second to France this year but, Irishman Tommy Bowe has been named the Player of the Championship.  The former Ulster Winger, who now plies his trade for Welsh side Ospreys, is well deserving of this honour.  "It has been a championship of mixed emotions for the Irish team but to be named the player of the championship is a fantastic way to end what has been an exciting year" (Irish Independant). 
The good news for Ireland is that the honour stays in Ireland, as last years Player of the Championship was Irish Captain, Brian O'Driscoll.  According to the Irish Times: "The outcome was decided as a result of a public vote after a panel of former internationals from all six nations submitted their top three nominations.  Bowe ensured that the award stayed in Ireland with over 50 per cent of the votes going his way - last year’s winner Brian O’Driscoll received nearly 30 per cent of the votes cast.  The remaining votes were dominated by Grand Slam-winners France with Imanol Harinordoquy receiving 20.9 per cent and Morgan Parra gaining 11.5 per cent of the votes."
The Irish aren't the only ones who can boast of Bowe's award as this means "the Magners League has now had the best player in the tournament for five years in a row" (Official Magners League Website).  So, hats off to Tommy Bowe.  Well Done!

Guilty Pop Indulgences

We all have indulgences...you know things that secretyly put a smile on our faces.  "Oh, I'm too Cool For the Jonas Brothers" but you secretly own their cd's...you know who I'm talkin' 'bout!!!  Well here are my guilty bits of pop pleasure for the moment: 3Oh!3 ft. Katy Perry, and Ke$ha, ironically ft. 3Oh!3a.

 ...and yes, I know how douchey this makes me.